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Vietnam: FDI into Solar Energy Increased Sharply

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Vietnam is becoming attractive locations for investors producing solar panels from China, Taiwan to expand production in order to meet increasing demands of the world as well as make use of the advantages of tax for exports to the two largest markets which are the US and Europe.
Vina Solar has just signed a contract with GCL-SI – China’s leading solar panels manufacturer and Trina Solar Company to develop the project to produce solar energy panels with capacity of 600 MW and 1 GW at the factories in Vietnam. In particular, GCL-SI Company also announced an investment of 32 million USD together with Solar Vina in Vietnam.
According to President of GCL-SI, this investment is not only brings cost advantages but also help organizing the supply chain of the Company.
Also reported by GCL-SI Company, this is a notable move to strengthen competitiveness as well as to expand opportunities to join the US and EU markets as these two markets are having trade barriers, which are set for solar energy panels manufacturing in China and Taiwan.
Meanwhile, with an investment of 100 million USD, Trian Solar Company has recently completed construction the project producing solar energy panels with capacity of 800 MW/year in Bac Giang – the province with highest solar energy panels production scale in the country, with a total capacity of 5,200 MW/year. Moreover, Bac Giang is forming production and assembly chains of solar energy panels with 8 projects have been licensed, the total registered capital reached 635 million USD.
Under the agreement, Vina Solar will supply and assemble PV modules for Trina Solar. This is the largest project of Trina Solar in Vietnam. The project has a workshop area of 42,000 m2, with 14 modern production lines, the factory produce many kinds of single-crystal and polycrystalline batteries. The products are exported to all continents in the world.
According to the Chairman and CEO of Trina Solar, the factory in Vietnam is a result of global strategy, following the opening of the factories producing solar energy panels in Malaysia and Thailand. This cooperation will bring benefits for both parties, helping to bring solar energy panel production technology to Vietnam and create about 1,000 jobs.
In November 2016, JA Solar Corporation (China) has started construction of the 1 billion USD project to build a factory producing solar energy batteries at Quang Chau Industrial Park (Bac Giang). The project is divided into several stages, with the scale of 88 hectares of land.
According to forecasts, the demand for solar energy panels worldwide will increase after 2016, while the cost of installation and production will continue to decline. According to the report of International Renewable Energy Agency, that trend will contribute to replace fossil energy. This is the reason why many solar panels projects are warming up in Vietnam, after several major projects are bankrupt previously.
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